Wilsonart Residential Wallboard

We have currently added the Wilsonart wallboards to our website for your convenience. The Formica wallboards will be up in the next few days.

The Wilsonart residential board offers a variety of High Definition and premium color patterns to choose from. So what's the difference between Wilsonart and the other brands? Wilsonart HD and Premium laminates uses AEON technology. This is not just a new finish or coating, but an entirely new way to produce laminate. It provides three times the industry standard for wear resistance when used on a design in the Wilsonart Premium Laminates category, and 4 to 5 times the industry standard when used in conjunction with Wilsonart HD laminates.

If you order any HD lamiante, or any of the premium finishes (7, 52 and 78) AEON is alreay incorporated.